Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oscar The Bunny


My name is Oscar.  I am a bunny who absolutely loves TREATS. 
Did you know I'm cage free 24/7?
I LOVE it. 

My parents are on vacation for 3 months.  I miss them however I am really enjoying my vacation as well.  My pet sitter gives me fresh organic lettuce and fruits daily. 

The other day my pet sitter was brushing me and removed half a bunny lol 

If you are a bunny, this place rocks!!!!



Hi, My name is Paws. I am a domestic short hair brown tiger tabby male, who is 8 years old and I am a cuddly teddy bear.

I had an awesome couple of weeks with my pet sitter while my mommy was away. I settled in almost instantly and made a lot of new friends.

I absolutely loved the camera and possibly have a future modeling for kitty commercials. I can't wait to see my pet sitter again and play with all my new friends

Big hugs to everyone,

Smarties, Rolo, Snickers The Ferrets


Our names are Smarties, Rolo & Snickers.  We vacationed with our pet sitter while our parents were on vacation.  We had an awesome stay. 

We absolutely love treats, love to sleep together and funny enough love to drink water from our bottle at the same time.  

Unfortunately we were so quick that it was difficult to take photo's of us but our pet sitter was able to take a few.

We highly recommend to all ferrets to stay with the crazy cat lady. 

Did you know we had our own room which was ferret safe? We spent tons of time outside our cage.

We can't wait to come back in the future

Rolo, Smarties & Snickers