Special Needs/Disabled Animals

I absolutely love special needs animals and have tons of experience with them.  Just to let you know, there is no additional cost daily/weekly/monthly pet sitting rates unless your pet requires the following:

Pills/liquid medication – $2 per day
Injection based medications: $4 per day
Sub-Q Fluids: $10 per session
Supplements – No charge
Topical Medications and creams –$2 per day

All special needs animals are welcome.   In the field of veterinary medicine medicine I am very experienced.  I ran a cat rescue for 4 years and saw everything under the sun.  An added bonus is that I also have a nursing assistant background. So have no worries if I need to inject insulin, give medication or give sub-q fluids I am confident, quick and very understanding of the animals needs. 

Don't worry if your animal have incontinence issues. I'm not scared of a mess and usually pet parents have the toileting issues mastered ie pee pads/assisting with litter box/diapers etc.  
My home is Safe for special needs animals.  I do have stairs but I will gate them if needed.  I also have carpet in sections of my home.  If needed I can devote a room in my home to your animal for the duration of the stay. 
I have a special needs cats Baby who has  Cerebella hypoplasia causes jerky movements, tremors and generally uncoordinated motion.  So basically Baby walks like a drunk and uses pee pads instead of a litter box and eats her food like a bird with a pecking motion.  

Baby Sleeps in the funniest positions and absolutely loves to cuddle.  Baby is vaccinated, spayed and negative for FIV/FELV.  Don't worry her condition is not contagious.  

Check Baby out walking