Pet Sitting For Small Critters

Small Critters
  • Birds 
  • Rats
  • Fish
  • Turtles 
  • Ferrets
  • Bunnies
  • Lizards/Gecko's 
  • Hamsters/Small Critters
  • Hedge Hogs
  • Sugar Gliders 

If your small critter isn't on the list please contact me,this is just a basic list of small critters.

My Environment/ Care Provided

-     1 on 1 time (if tame)
-      Large secure/private sunny room ( Dog/Cat Free)
-   Cage/Crate free if possible
-   Daily Cage Cleaning/Refill of food/water
-   Lots of cuddles/play time
-   News Paper if needed for bedding

For reptiles and small critters:

1.     Proper enclosure must be provided (i.e. cage/terrarium)
2.     All food and upkeep supplies (i.e. substrate, bedding, litter, vitamin or mineral supplements) must be provided. Supplies must be adequate to last for the duration of the stay.
3.     Please inform us of any special care requirements (i.e. lighting, heating, misting, etc.). This includes feeding/caring schedule.
4.     Ferrets must be de-scented and sterilized.

Reptiles and small critters:

Daily - $5 per day for each reptile/small critter

Weekly - $35 for each reptile/small critter

Monthly - $140 for each reptile/small critter

Pickup/Drop off Charge:

Mississauga - $10 per trip

Toronto - $20 per trip

Outside GTA (Within 60km) – Please contact, we do offer this service; our fees are based upon distance.

Payment Terms

1.              Service fees are due at time of check in, with the exception of long term stays. For long term stays, the first month’s service fee is due upon check in
2.              If we are picking up your animal we require full payment for their stay via EMT (Email money transfer) prior to pickup. For long-term stays, we require service frees for the first month to be prepaid.
3.              Printed invoices will be given upon return/pickup of the animal. Monthly invoices can be emailed to the owner upon request.
4.              Payment must be made in full for short term stays.
5.              Payment will be accepted via EMT or cash only.
6.              Owner will pay all medical costs if illness occurs or injury. Owners will be contacted prior to vet visits unless there is a severe emergency, which requires immediate medical attention.
7.              If owner defaults on payment, the animal will be kept in care for 30 days. After 30 days the ownership rights are forfeited if payment is not received. Owners will be charged for the extra days
8.              Service fees for long term stays are due on the 30th of each month. Outstanding balances will be charged interest at the rate of 20% per annum.
9.              For long-term stays, owners will be billed on a monthly basis.