Sunday, July 14, 2013

Paws The Cat

Guess who's back, back again, Paws is back, tell your friends lol

Well I'm back again, all 25lbs of Tiger Tabby love. 

What a funny character I am.  My pet sitter tried to do some video's of me but I was clearly not interested.  I was not amused by the laser light nor the feather stick lol I just saw and watched with an annoyed look on my face.  So I decided it was okay to have my photo taken instead. 

Here I am.

Just wanted to say hi to my Mummy.  I can't wait to see you. I'm working on my "catatude". I will try to smile

Love you,

Moory The Bunny


My name is Moory.  I am a dwarf bunny.  What an exciting vacation I had while my family was away. I met some kittens, ferrets and learned some Broadway music.  I can't say I am the biggest fan of the musical "Cats". However I loved all my time outside my cage and treats.  I especially loved cuddling on the couch.

This pet sitter is awesome with bunnies. I highly recommend her. 

Counting down the days until I'm back


Hoppy The Bunny


My name is Hoppy. I am a brown/white Rex bunny.  I had an awesome stay with my pet sitter.  I made lots of new friends, one of them being a kitten named Sylvester who loves to give kisses. At first I was a bit frightened but we came buddies quickly.

I can't wait to come back in the future and make more friends.

Love Always,

Angel the Bird


My name is Angel.  I am a cocktail. Did you know one of my closest friends is a bunny? I had an awesome couple of weeks with my pet sitter.  We sang together and I loved the whistling. To my pet sitters surprise it turns out I absolutely love the camera. A note to my parents- I would like to do some modeling please.

I can't wait to come back in September!!!

Love Always,

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sophia The Diva


My name is Sophia.  I am a little Princess. I have the most beautiful eyes.

I absolutely love feathers and show tunes/opera music.  Did you know my pet sitter is a former Broadway singer?

To help me feel more at home my pet sitter sang to me all the time.  My owner has been in Italy studying Opera and frankly I am sick of hearing " Don't Cry For Me Argentina" lol

I can't wait to see you Mummy. 

Love Always,

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Moo Moo The Bunny


My name is Moo Moo.  I am the cutest bunny EVER. My fur is like silk.  I am super friendly and affectionate.

Check out my video.  I am fascinated by the camera.  I love to rub noses as well and be given kisses.
I just wanted to say hello to my family who is on vacation. I cant wait to see you

Love you always,
Moo Moo

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Help Ban Declawing in Canada

Presented is my petition to ban declawing in Canada at Queen's Park.

The name of my cat rescue is Adopt Me Canada

For those who do not know, declawing is a horrific cosmetic procedure which is performed on cats/kittens.  It consists of ten separate amputations from the bone, essentially you are disabling the cat/kitten.  The surgery is banned in 40 countries which is already a bold statement. Declawed cats are more likely to end up in a shelter than being saved from one. 

I actually refuse to petsit cats/kittens who are declawed. 

Would you like to sign my petition?
Just download, print, fill out and pop it in the mail. I always ask everyone to sign once in my door anyhow lol Every signature helps. 

Pj Pets

I have been fighting Pj's Pets @ Sherway Gardens for almost a year.  In September 2011 the city of Toronto passed a by-law against the selling of Puppies/Kittens in Pet Stores, however Pj's ignored it. 

After non stop complaints to the city, a facebook group, petitions etc WE WON!!!

So I went to Sherway Gardens to check out pj's pets to see if they were selling and kittens and I found this.....

So happy that finally Pj's is complying with the by-law which they ignored while shelter animals died and they made a profit selling kittens. For every animal bred, one dies in a shelter.

Now Pj's is adopting out shelter cats/kittens!!!! Thanks to all of those who's efforts in supporting the cause. 

A dear friend of mine always said " when the whole world says no, say yes"

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rosetta Spotted Male Bengal/Domestic Mix "Tiger"


My name is Tiger. I am Rosetta Spotted Male Bengal/Domestic mix. My fur is like silk. I am very chatty as well. I love to drink water from taps. Today's choice was the bathtub faucet.

My parents are away on vacation. I just wanted to say Hello and I can't wait to see you!!! My pet sitter requests you get a tan for her ;) Check out my pictures below to see my beautiful spots!!!

Check out this cute youtube video of me drinking from the bathtub faucet

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Maggie The Cocker Spaniel


My name is Maggie.  I am 6 years old and a Cocker Spaniel.  I am a very well educated/well traveled dog.  I understand French/Spanish/English. Did you know I lived in Mexico for two years? 

I love car rides, meeting new people, walks and treats.  

My mummy is on vacation now and I just wanted to say Hello.  

Check out this cute video of me sleeping

Here are a few pictures of me as well.

I can't wait to see you Mummy.  Just wanted to let you know I'm having an awesome time.

Love Always,

Lola & Butch The Pugs

I have never met two dogs who are more comical in my life. Lola & Butch are the cutest little pugs EVER. It's hard to return these dogs to their owners after each stay.  These two snore, snort, jiggle when they walk and even eat cute.  These two love the camera and even smile for it.

Here is a cute video of Lola eating a bone, listen to the crunching. 

Here are a few photo's of Butch & Lola together :)

I can't wait to see you guys again

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ginger The Hamster


My name is Ginger.  I am almost two years of age, I'm golden/white and I'm a hamster!!!

I love to eat treats, play in fun tunnels and sleep. 

I had an awesome week with my pet sitter!!! I can't wait to come back.

Check out my adorable pics ;)

I just wanted to say HI to my parents while away on vacation.  I can't wait to see you

All the BEST,

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Seamus & Oliver


My name is Seamus

Aren't I a pretty girl? I am a terrier mix and I from Ottawa.  My parents are visiting family in the area & found the crazy cat lady to babysit me.  I had a great time. We played, met some new kitties and napped on the couch.  I can't wait to come back!!!


My name is Oliver

I am a Lhasa Apso poodle mix.  My owners rescued me from a high kill shelter in the states. Previously I had been abused but you wouldn't know it. My pet sitter was in love with my overbite & took so many photo's of me.  She thinks I'm more beautiful than a puppy and wants to encourage you to adopt from a shelter, not a breeder. 

I live with Seamus in Ottawa & we are best friends.  I can't wait to come back :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oscar The Bunny


My name is Oscar.  I am a bunny who absolutely loves TREATS. 
Did you know I'm cage free 24/7?
I LOVE it. 

My parents are on vacation for 3 months.  I miss them however I am really enjoying my vacation as well.  My pet sitter gives me fresh organic lettuce and fruits daily. 

The other day my pet sitter was brushing me and removed half a bunny lol 

If you are a bunny, this place rocks!!!!



Hi, My name is Paws. I am a domestic short hair brown tiger tabby male, who is 8 years old and I am a cuddly teddy bear.

I had an awesome couple of weeks with my pet sitter while my mommy was away. I settled in almost instantly and made a lot of new friends.

I absolutely loved the camera and possibly have a future modeling for kitty commercials. I can't wait to see my pet sitter again and play with all my new friends

Big hugs to everyone,

Smarties, Rolo, Snickers The Ferrets


Our names are Smarties, Rolo & Snickers.  We vacationed with our pet sitter while our parents were on vacation.  We had an awesome stay. 

We absolutely love treats, love to sleep together and funny enough love to drink water from our bottle at the same time.  

Unfortunately we were so quick that it was difficult to take photo's of us but our pet sitter was able to take a few.

We highly recommend to all ferrets to stay with the crazy cat lady. 

Did you know we had our own room which was ferret safe? We spent tons of time outside our cage.

We can't wait to come back in the future

Rolo, Smarties & Snickers