Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pj Pets

I have been fighting Pj's Pets @ Sherway Gardens for almost a year.  In September 2011 the city of Toronto passed a by-law against the selling of Puppies/Kittens in Pet Stores, however Pj's ignored it. 

After non stop complaints to the city, a facebook group, petitions etc WE WON!!!

So I went to Sherway Gardens to check out pj's pets to see if they were selling and kittens and I found this.....

So happy that finally Pj's is complying with the by-law which they ignored while shelter animals died and they made a profit selling kittens. For every animal bred, one dies in a shelter.

Now Pj's is adopting out shelter cats/kittens!!!! Thanks to all of those who's efforts in supporting the cause. 

A dear friend of mine always said " when the whole world says no, say yes"