Monday, December 31, 2012

Ferraro The Beautiful White Cat


My name is Ferraro.  I am all white, male and two years.  When I first arrived I was absolutely terrified.  I've never been away from home nor have I had any interaction with cats since a kitten.  My pet sitter worked with me daily and showed me not to be afraid. 

I am now settled in and loving my time with the other cats.  My pet sitter has lots of experience with all kinds of cats.  Did you know she run a cat rescue for almost 5 years and adopted out nearly 2000 cats from her home? Isn't that amazing?

Interesting Fact- Male cats who are white with blue eyes are usually deaf

I am happy report I can hear :)

Wishing my family a Happy New Year, I can't wait to see you.  Please check your email to see my toy requests.


Tails The Dumbo Rat


My name is Tails.  I am two years of age and I am the cutest dumbo rat EVER.

I love vacationing with my pet sitter when my mummy is away. My mummy is always surprised with the new foods I try and like.  This trip I fell in love with bananas and carrot treats. 

Check me out eating treats, its too cute

Happy New Year Mummy & Everyone


Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays

Crazy Cat Lady Pet Sitting would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays & Happy New Year. 

We wish you a cat free Christmas Tree

Cheeku & Nonni

We are BACK. 

We were so happy to spend 4 days with our pet sitter while our parents were away. 

We always have so much fun.  Our pet sitter takes us everywhere.  We get to go on tons of car rides all over the city and meet new and exciting people. 

We got to surprise a few seniors who absolutely love dogs and really appreciated our visit.  We were so happy to bring some joy into their lives. 

In the pictures below we had an opportunity to sunbathe. 

We cannot wait to return.  Mommy, Daddy, please go back on vacation soon :)


Buffy The Bunny


My name is Buffy.  Can you guess where I got my name? It's from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I am 4 years of age and have the softest white fur. I have such a sweet personality.  I love to cuddle, be hand fed lettuce and watch tv.  Did toy know one of my friends is a cat named Ferraro?

I am really enjoying my vacation while my parents are away.  I hope they are having an awesome time over seas.

Wishing Happy Holidays to my family and everyone

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