Monday, December 31, 2012

Ferraro The Beautiful White Cat


My name is Ferraro.  I am all white, male and two years.  When I first arrived I was absolutely terrified.  I've never been away from home nor have I had any interaction with cats since a kitten.  My pet sitter worked with me daily and showed me not to be afraid. 

I am now settled in and loving my time with the other cats.  My pet sitter has lots of experience with all kinds of cats.  Did you know she run a cat rescue for almost 5 years and adopted out nearly 2000 cats from her home? Isn't that amazing?

Interesting Fact- Male cats who are white with blue eyes are usually deaf

I am happy report I can hear :)

Wishing my family a Happy New Year, I can't wait to see you.  Please check your email to see my toy requests.