Pet Sitting Contract

For each animal regardless of the stay it is mandatory you sign a pet sitting contract.  It is recommend you print this off at home, fill it out and bring it when you check your loved one in. 

Why do I have a pet sitting contract?

It is for the protection of the animal and both parties.

In the event of an emergency I will have immediate access to your pets veterinary information/medical history/preferred clinic, your emergency contact etc

If I am walking a dog who isn't a resident of Mississauga & Animal Services happens to check for tags, you will not be fined.

Owners are fearful that if a pet is boarded the pet sitter may not return the animal or the owner may abandoned their pet.  We are both protected with this contract.

The contract states the rates which are initialed by the owner, this way you are protected from any bogus additional charges. 

Please visit to download the pet sitting contract, please review it and pre-fill prior to drop off.  If you do not have access to a printer, the contract can be printed on site and filled out.

Pet Sitting Contract for Cats

Pet Sitting Contract for Small Critters