Friday, November 14, 2014

Bun Bun The Bunny

This is Bun Bun. He's around 8 years old. He loves to eat. Bananas are his favorite.

I'm so lucky I get to see him on a regular basis. This is one little guy who loves his food.

I can't wait until you come back Bun Bun.

Chico The Turtle

I fell in love with Chico, My new hobby became cuddling on the couch with him.

It was my first experience boarding a turtle and I'd love more. I just can't get over the personality this little guy has.

So if you have a turtle that would like to be cuddled on the couch while you take a vacation, please let me know

Cute little interview with Chico the turtle

Good-Bye's are hard....

This is Lady, in Russian it's pronounced "Maleshka". I had the opportunity to board her during the summer while her parents were away.

Lady made so many friends while she was here & everyone came out to say good-bye. It's almost like they were on protest so she couldn't leave. Rumor has it she's coming back shortly. I can't wait to see you :)