Sunday, October 21, 2012

Free Professional Photography

Crazy Cat Lady Pet Sitting is pleased to announce we offer FREE professional pet photography while your animal is in our care.  No catch, no hidden fees. This is offered to every pet regardless of the length of stay. 

While you are away we will photograph your loved one in a natural pose.  Thus meaning it will be on your pets terms.  No funny outfits or forced greeting card looks.  I find this is the most beautiful form of photography.  Sometimes I catch the funniest things on camera. Some photo's may be edited with an artistic flare as well.  

Photo's will be emailed & shared on this blog.  

All photo's will be taken with a professional camera.  If opportunity does arise we will do a video.  All video's are in HD.  

We hope to see your loved one soon ;) 

We respect your decision if you choose not to have your pet photographed.  No personal information is shared when photo's are placed on the blog.